Natasha Blasick is an actress, model, producer and musician originally from Odessa, Ukraine on the Black Sea. Her first language is Russian. She made her debut as a lead actress in the film Death of Evil (available on Netflix). She is the oldest daughter of Sergei and Ludmilla and has a younger sister, Marina. Natasha is the first member of her family to pursue a career in acting.

Interested in studying English from the age of six Natasha dedicated herself to her language classes. At the age of 14 she and her father were visited by a UFO, an event that had a profound effect on her life. Natasha studied dance, acted in many plays and competed in beauty contests. Upon earning a masters degree in international economy Natasha bid farewell to family and Odessa on a voyage of love to marry her American husband Martin Blasick.

Natasha immediately embraced Los Angeles, modeling, and the craft of acting where she undertook extensive training which continues to this day on an ongoing basis. Her leading role in art film Notes from the New World, based on Dostoevsky’s Notes From The Underground screened in festivals across Europe and the US. She stars in the horror film Playing With Dolls. For action-thriller The Black Russian  Natasha traveled to India to shoot the title role of the multi-layered Francesca, a Russian ex-patriot caught up in a deadly game of love. Mockbuster Paranoid Activity 2 starred Natasha in a battle against an Alaskan poltergeist. In crime drama The Ruffian, Natasha played an Armenian longing to escape the life of crime into which she was born.

She showed her comedic talents doings sketches for a season of Spike TV’s “MDN”. She also appeared in Meet the Spartans and on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. She played supermodel Alexa in The Sex Trip. She produced and stars in the comedic web series Natasha Zero Zero.

She was the swimsuit winner in the Mrs. World contest and appeared as Sasha the secret agent on “Days of Our Lives”. Natasha co-produced Death of Evil and Vampiro.

Natasha released Live In Your World, an EP of her own brand of pop-electronica music. She plays bass guitar in the pop duo Snowflakes and is endorsed by Daisy Rock GuitarsAlways interested in fashion, she creates her own designs and wears them to red carpet events.


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