Performing With Snowflakes For Once Upon A Time:Rock Opera at ComiCon 2016

As you know – and if you don’t you should lol – I play bass guitar in my band Snowflakes. We were excited perform as the live “orchestra” at ComiCon 2016 in San Diego for a mulitmedia screening of Once Upon A Time: Rock Opera, a feature length film of which Martin Blasick was the music producer. It’s rock opera parody of the ABC Television series Once Upon A Time.

This was the second year in a row we played ComiCon for a Once:Rock Opera performance. Last year it was a medley. They year it was the whole film augmented by live performance and a surprise pre screening live performance of the theme from Hamiltion reset to lyrics about Once Upon A Time. It was a big challenge to learn all the bass parts and cues just like in a real orchestra. But I did it and am very pleased with everyone’s amazing contribution.






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