Playing With Dolls

Playing With Dolls - Box Cover - Starring Natasha Blasick And Richard Tyson

Playing With Dolls – Box Cover – Starring Natasha Blasick And Richard Tyson

I’m thrilled that Cinderella – Playing With Dolls has been released in Europe. It’s very exciting for me. I’ve acted in several movies that have never been released, so it’s ‘yea!’ from my side! It’s in multiple formats including blu ray and blu ray 3D. I don’t even know how they made it 3D but that’s very cool to me :-)

Playing With Dolls was shot in and around Lassen Volcanic National Park near Redding, California. I got to see one of the world’s very beautiful places. This was no cushy shoot. All involved endured hardships. Here’s some random memories of the process:

  • One night, staying at a Super 8 motel we awoke to someone beating on our door yelling “Get out! Get out!”. It was an evacuation for a gas leak. It turned out there was no gas leak but nonetheless we had no place to stay. We drove to a different city just because we didn’t know what else to do in the middle of the night.
  • Driving to lunch one day we were treated to a hailstorm that was so strong we couldn’t see the road. I don’t believe the car we were driving in was so durable. I was so scared I wanted to climb into the back seat, as if that would have helped.
  • Seeing wildlife was something I had only experienced on television or at the zoo. I scratched that itch of seeing big animals in the wild. I’d heard friends’ stories about bears in the wild  and not wanting to be between a mama bear and her cub. Well, we drove unexpectedly upon a mama bear and her cub crossing the road. She stood up and roared at us. Oh yes, I was scared. And excited. It was a bear! I didn’t know a bear could be so light on its feet. After the baby crossed the road, the mama bear jumped into a tree scrambling up  faster than I could have imagined. She was really agile. And I saw lots of deer wandering around. They are very pretty with beautiful eyes.
  • Trying to be an extra good girl I sprained my ankle jogging. I’d wanted to be in great shape for the movie. But, instead I ended up on the shoot running through the snow with a swollen, painful tootsie. The famous treatment for a sprain is R.I.C.E – rest, ice, compression, elevation. I was icing by being in the snow. And, if you think about it, up on the mountain we were at a high elevation. Many thanks to actor/producer David Lockheart for moving production days around my healing foot as best he could.
  • There was a blood moon during one of our forest shoots. It was beautiful. But actor Charlie Glackin totally pranked us by shooting pictures of it with a filter and convincing us there was an angelic presence among us; every picture of us had an angelic  light. It was just a filter but we were totally pranked.
  • For this shoot I had my own special drink. It was a green tea latte with half coconut milk and half non-fat milk. I hadn’t had it before and haven’t had it since Playing With Dolls. It was such a rough shoot, this was my feel good drink, my escape to a beautiful life where nobody was chasing me with a knife.
  • Most importantly I made some really good friends. I learned a lot – a whole lot – about the folks I worked with. And this I will treasure forever.

Seeing the box cover made me really happy, and I really want to share my joy with everyone.



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