My recent ghost encounter interview generated many articles and a Seth Meyers joke during The Late Show. I could never have imagined this story would be received like this. #sexwithghosts was trending #2 in all of Britain immediately after the broadcast on itv’s This Morning. Here’s some of the hooplah so far:

  • the clip of Seth Meyer joking about it (he doesn’t say my name)
  • the video of the original interview on itv’s This Morning in England on Tue, April 29
  • slideshow of 50 headlines
  • links to 50 of the articles about it
  • links to radio interviews and mentions
  • The Playboy Morning Show interview

Thank you to Patti Negri for convincing me to share my story. xo

Press Stories (partial)

Seth Meyers Late Show Monologue Joking About Me 

Radio Interviews

Radio Mentions

  • The whole 21 minute segment is available to listen to by CLICKING HERE

Slideshow of 50 of the articles

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Playboy Morning Show interview May 15. 2014 (which is posted to my youtube channel)

Original interview (which is posted to my youtube channel)

More Press Stories


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