More Interviews – A Request From Me To You

So many news outlets picked the story of my ghostly encounter, it’s been a fun, but crazy week keeping up with everything. I had thought many times whether or not I wanted to share my story. It’s very personal. Even down to the last minute I wan’t sure if I would actually be able to go on. In no way did I expect the story to be picked up by so many news outlets including ETonline and The Huffington Post.

On the one hand it’s personal to me. On the other hand it’s easy to see that it’s an easy target for snickering. In any case it’s all out there now. More interviews to come. I’ll be on air with Ireland’s Moncrieff show from Newstalk Radio in Dublin as soon as dates are set. Edge Radio in Tasmania will interview me on Tuesday 7pm PST.

Despite the silly factor of the topic, I am truly interested in knowing answers to many questions of our world and beyond. And to be specific I’d like to know who or what  the entity is that I’ve encountered.

On a serious note, being originally from Odessa, Ukraine, I’m wishing for peace and safety in Ukraine. At this moment things are scary there. My family is there. I do believe there is more to this world than we can see. Even though my interview appears in the “news of the weird” sections, there is an idea there that is something many people from all over can relate to. That idea is that there is more to this world than we see. How does this connect? It’s simple. Please say a prayer for peace in Ukraine. I believe prayers matter, that they have an effect and that combined prayers are capable of miracles.


Below is a screen grab from ET Online:

Yours truly on the same page as Jennifer Lawrence. This is so crazy.

Yours truly on the same page as Jennifer Lawrence. This is so crazy.

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