Natasha Blasick Signature Cocktail Introduced

The Natasha Blasick Signature Cocktail

– The Natasha Blasick Signature Cocktail  –    1.5 oz. Vanilla vodka
.5 oz. Amnesia High Thujone (Absinthe)
1.5 oz. Kern’s Pear Nectar
1 oz. Fresh sweet and sour
Cinnamon sugar rim

“Be authentic! Enjoy life to the fullest and make the most of it everyday! Smile. Work Smart. Fall in love. Do your best. Tell the truth.”So, next time when you celebrating with your friends or loved ones please enjoy this cocktail and live every moment of your life to the fullest!. Cheers:)The “Natasha Blasick” signature cocktail recipe by Bottles- Up.

I really love what this company stands for.

There was a wonderful event in September 2010 in Beverly Hills introducing signature cocktails named after me and fourteen others. I’m reposting this now because it’s one of the posts that got lost recently. It brought back a lot of great memories looking at the pictures from the event at the Luxe Hotel celebrating not only myself, but all of the people who were honored with signature drinks. Bottoms up!!



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