Fan Art By Judge Minion

Thank you to Judge Minion for this collage made from behind the scene photos from my recent book cover photo shoot. It’s inspired me to create a Fan Art page. It really means a lot that someone would take time out to create art from my images :-)



Blood And Babes Comic Con

I’m glad to announce a screening of my upcoming horror movie at the Blood & Babes Comic Con in Long Island, NY Sept 12-14, 2014. I’ll also be on hand signing autographs, making new friends and maybe putting on a live performance. Details are swirling around. Mostly it’s exciting to be producing my own feature, along with Martin Blasick, and sharing it with people who might love a good poltergeist story.
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Behind The Scenes Of A Book Cover Photoshoot

Behind the scenes shooting a book cover with photographer Roy Sonobel tonight. I couldn’t believe I was waving a toy gun around Koreatown. Photos by Martin Blasick

Heidi And Frank Mentioned Yours Truly

The Heidi And Frank Show mentioned me today on their morning radio of KLOS 95.5 in Los Angeles. I wouldn’t have known about if a friend hadn’t sent an email about it to me. They did a twenty minute segment on ghost sex. It was a fun, light bit.


The whole 21 minute segment is available to listen to by CLICKING HERE

Parading On The 4th Of July

It was my honor and pleasure to march in the 2014 Pacific Palisades 4th of July parade as a representative of  Gerry Blank’s Yoshukai Karate. THANK YOU Gerry Blanck for inviting me. Gerry is a longstanding part of the Pacific Palisades community and a former Grand Marshall of the parade himself. We worked together on The Martial Arts Kid. I’ve discovered how wonderful and positive the martial arts community is.

I couldn’t have been happier leading our band of martial artists along Sunset Blvd. Skydivers landed. Bands played. Uncle Sam showed up. So did tens of thousands of people celebrating USA independence. I love my adopted home even more. <3 <3 <3

The Martial Arts Kid

I’m thrilled to have just wrapped my part in The Martial Arts Kid, a coming of age story starring martial arts legend Don “The Dragon” Wilson. I play the not so sweet Nica. It was quite an amazing experience being surrounded by so many martial arts legends and champions.

There’s so many pictures to go through it going to take a day just to look at them all. It was such a good time on set I can’t wait to share more photos. The movie is going to have a theatrical release in 2015.

On Set With The Martial Arts Kids
On Set With The Martial Arts Kids

Moncrieff Show Radio Interview – Dublin

The Moncrieff Radio Show in Dublin asked me to share my story of ghost encounters. I gladly obliged :-) It was pretty fun because for me it was early morning and I was having my coffee, but it was later in the day in Dublin. I never knew that sharing this story would bring so much conversation from both skeptics and supporter. I think hearing both sides makes us think and discover what the truth is for each of us.


Natasha Blasick Interview On Moncrieff Show Link Here

Natasha Blasick Interview On Moncrieff Show In Dublin
Natasha Blasick Interview On Moncrieff Show In Dublin

The Playboy Morning Show

On Tuesday Morning I was delighted to be a guest on The Playboy Morning Show. Hosts Andrea and Kevin were wonderful and a joy to talk with. Andrea has even experienced something similar to what I have. In addition we had some silly fun when four beautiful Playboy Bunnies sat around a campfire and asked me questions about ghosts. When Comedian Shane Mauss came out for his bit, we still had a “spirited” debate about the supernatural.

Everyone was super nice to me on this interview. A hearfelt thanks from yours truly. I’ll post the interview as soon as I get a link or the clip. They already included me (as “herself”) on their imdb link. They are super organized. Special thanks to Chris Gaida for guiding me through this so graciously.




My recent ghost encounter interview generated many articles and a Seth Meyers joke during The Late Show. I could never have imagined this story would be received like this. #sexwithghosts was trending #2 in all of Britain immediately after the broadcast on itv’s This Morning. Here’s some of the hooplah so far:

  • the clip of Seth Meyer joking about it (he doesn’t say my name)
  • the video of the original interview on itv’s This Morning in England on Tue, April 29
  • slideshow of 50 headlines
  • links to 50 of the articles about it
  • links to radio interviews and mentions
  • The Playboy Morning Show interview

Thank you to Patti Negri for convincing me to share my story. xo

Press Stories (partial)

Seth Meyers Late Show Monologue Joking About Me 

Radio Interviews

Radio Mentions

  • The whole 21 minute segment is available to listen to by CLICKING HERE

Slideshow of 50 of the articles

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Playboy Morning Show interview May 15. 2014 (which is posted to my youtube channel)

Original interview (which is posted to my youtube channel)

More Press Stories


Playing With Dolls

Redding, CA has been my off and on home this spring due to location shooting on an action/horror film entitled Playing With Dolls. The starring role is played by yours truly. We only shoot in inclement weather to get real snow and rain scenes. Despite being an indie production, the footage I’ve seen so far looks good. And that’s a real inspiration when doing scenes with minimal clothing in the snow. In one scene I had to play unconscious. It’s a challenge when shivering.

I am ever hopeful that the movie comes out great. Every production is a collaborative effort. May the force be with us to make this creepy, horror flick creepy and horrific.

Natasha Blasick On The Set Of Playing With Dolls In Redding, CA
Natasha Blasick On The Set Of Playing With Dolls In Redding, CA
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