Bassist For Snowflakes

Do you love music? I do. And, I learned to play bass when I was already all grown up (I went to a music school when I was young where I played piano).
Natasha blasick car bass
Now I play bass guitar in my very own rock band Snowflakes. Our songs have themes of environmentalism, UFOlogy, positive thought and love.

Snowflakes consists my myself on bass and vocals and Martin Blasick on guitar and vocals. Not only is he my cutest hubby ever, he’s an accomplished and talented musician, songwriter, gold record awarded producer and composer. He’s the real deal and he taught me everything I know about bass. He writes all our songs. All our songs are originalsDaisyRockLogo_RGB

I’m proud to be endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars.


Our album is available on Bandcamp

OC Weekly Snowflakes
Snowflakes Festival

Snowflakes photo by Bob Delgadillo

Snowflakes photo by Bob Delgadillo. Martin Blasick/guitar, Trevor Copolla/cello, Natasha Blasick/bass, Kerry Crutchfield/drums

Gazettes - Snowflakes

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