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There’s… Johnny!

I am so thrilled to play the role of Tracy in the NBC/Seeso show titled There’s… Johnny! The show is created by Paul Reiser and is set in the behind the scenes world of the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson circa 1972. Happy actress. Grateful.

Performing With Snowflakes For Once Upon A Time:Rock Opera at ComiCon 2016

As you know – and if you don’t you should lol – I play bass guitar in my band Snowflakes. We were excited perform as the live “orchestra” at ComiCon 2016 in San Diego for a mulitmedia screening of Once Upon A Time: Rock Opera, a feature length film of which Martin Blasick was the […]

The Martial Arts Kid

The Martial Arts Kid is a delightful film in which I play a villainess, Nika, the girlfriend of the main villain played by T. J. Storm. This movie, spearheaded by producer James Wilson, has been winning award after award on the festival circuit. In addition to the martial arts, it’s got a wonderful anti-bullying message. The […]

Playing With Dolls

I’m thrilled that Cinderella – Playing With Dolls has been released in Europe. It’s very exciting for me. I’ve acted in several movies that have never been released, so it’s ‘yea!’ from my side! It’s in multiple formats including blu ray and blu ray 3D. I don’t even know how they made it 3D but that’s very […]

My Designs

One my passions is designing dresses. I started doing this as a child, making clothes for my friend and for myself. I’d always make them out of my parents clothes. I don’t think they were very happy about that part. I’m really happy to create my own dresses. It’s a pleasure to go out in […]

Ice Bucket Challenge For ALS In Slow Motion

I accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Tarun Ujjainwal I donated and am nominating – Christina DeRosa – Jenny Marie – Yashpal Sharma – T J Storm

Sheena Metal Celebrates at the Hollywood Improv!!

Sheena Metal‘s Celebrates 20 Years in Radio with a Live Talk Show at the Hollywood Improv!! It was so much fun much fun hearing Sheena’s radio show performed live in front of an audience (that’s me) and to see & hear her legendary guests. Sheena is witty, smart funny, and has a beautiful energy. Great […]

sexwithghosts – The Song

This is the main title song from my upcoming movie sexwithghosts. It’s very exciting for me as I am really involved as a producer as well as an actress. And, it’s so much fun making music. Martin Blasick and I have formed a little musical side project called Wtch & Wzrd for this song. I […]

Fan Art By Judge Minion

Thank you to Judge Minion for this collage made from behind the scene photos from my recent book cover photo shoot. It’s inspired me to create a Fan Art page. It really means a lot that someone would take time out to create art from my images xoxo

Blood And Babes Comic Con

I’m glad to announce a screening of my upcoming horror movie at the Blood & Babes Comic Con in Long Island, NY Sept 12-14, 2014. I’ll also be on hand signing autographs, making new friends and maybe putting on a live performance. Details are swirling around. Mostly it’s exciting to be producing my own feature, […]

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